Hi and welcome to my headspace (of dramas/things of clearly very little value to everyday life haha!).

A little about myself? You can call me ‘Chelle and I am terrible at self-introductions! In all seriousness though, I started this blog much more on a whim (as I tend to do with everything in life, ha) than anything else, even if I have noticed that there are plenty of blogs out there dedicated to recapping Kdramas (and don’t get me wrong, I’m completely a fan myself!) but not so much the Hong Kong ones.

Since I’ve actually always wanted to try my hand at blogging (yes, it may make for a lame bucketlist item but hey, it’s my list), I thought heck, why notSo here we are! Thank goodness WordPress can be navigated even by a complete simpleton such as myself! Just a quick disclaimer: I’m not paid by anyone to write what I do and the opinions posted are entirely my own (completely unprofessional ones).

In short, 99.95% of the time I’m only watching dramas for entertainment and I know nothing about film critiquing. You can take me with a grain of salt and feel free to leave your own comments/impressions/squees (very much welcome although I’ll try to not to do too much of it myself, just so my recaps will come off at least, as being even vaguely intelligible).

Rights and everything to all images posted/(screen)capped belong to the relevant TV channels/companies (?); I’m just trying to spread the goodness, so enjoy!


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