[HKTV] Once Upon A Song Episode 08

If I’d gone missing on this blog long enough to raise suspicions about my having met my demise in Life, (actually I was close many times no thanks to work and Healer haha! But surely) Episode 8 of Once Upon A Song may just have proven how fresh I was for the killing – the angst! Fair warning: to anyone like myself who can only eye-roll whenever drama leads ask for grief… hold tightly onto those eyeballs.

For those who enjoy some finger-curling cheese with some whiplash-inducing character ‘reversals’ though, you’re in for a treat! After all, if hot-cold is the name of the game, it’s time for even our reigning champion Agnes to move over; thankfully however, we still have our more lukewarm personalities (perhaps some unexpected too) to join in on the confusion and perhaps, even out our waters again. Continue reading


[HKTV] Once Upon A Song Episode 07

Aw, for all the complaints of (and even official reports regarding) the cast’s sub-par acting, this episode still manages to deliver quite a bit of heart (and I’m genuinely impressed!). We get some well-paced plot progression, learn some more about some of our more mysterious side characters and, we’re treated to more than a few laugh-out-loud moments too. Continue reading

[HKTV] Once Upon A Song Episode 06

Between my recent hours at work, all the other exciting current Korean drama releases and life (which should really take precedence, although tell my completely abnormal sleep patterns that), it looks like these recaps of mine are falling (more than) a little behind; and I won’t even say that I didn’t anticipate this, given a passion for something alone doesn’t get much done, practically.

Luckily, although I’ve been short on time for quite a few things, Once Upon A Song hasn’t made me want to pull my hair out and question what I’m doing with my life quite yet (and against all popular opinion it seems!); on the other hand, what is very much questionable are the (misdirected) outbursts from some of our leading men this episode. Continue reading

[HKTV] Once Upon A Song OST Pt 2

The order I posted these OST lyrics in is undoubtedly unconventional but regardless, here is the translation for Once Upon A Song’s opening theme, On Your Mark. This one’s a number about dreams and perseverance – in short, it fits the (youthful) musical genre to a tee.

It’s certainly fortunate that the series opens with such a delightfully upbeat song too because so far it’s what’s keeping me from opening up an episode and ever dreading recapping it as a chore. Again, insert all the standard disclaimers here (and enjoy)!

Continue reading

[HKTV] Once Upon A Song OST

I thought I would do something a little different today and translate the lyrics for Kelvin Kwan’s Unmentionable*, one of the ending themes of Once Upon A Song; when I first listened only to the melody of this song, I had thought that it conveyed a very apt ‘feel’ to several of our episodes’ conclusions and as it turns out, the lyrics only make this song even more befitting of our series (if our drama’s opening sequence is anything to go by).

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[HKTV] Once Upon A Song Episode 05

Training classes officially commence and if the allure of fame and fortune wasn’t enough in itself to shine a light on our characters’ true natures, being faced with some borderline (literally) cut-throat scenarios certainly does the trick. Of course, not all is destructive jealousy in the name of love, but with the romance coming back full-force, things undoubtedly become as cute (for us) as they get messy (for those involved). Continue reading

[HKTV] Once Upon A Song Episode 04

With the auditions finally on our doorstep, the characters of our motley crew are each faced with some crucial decisions to make. Motives are questioned and ugly rivalries begin to rear their heads; but friendships and love are also strengthened and fought for, and some of our cast even learn some lessons which will surely need to be remembered for the (long) road ahead. Continue reading